I love to solve interesting software and business problems while trying hard to make excellent returns for everybody involved.  
I am used to working long hours, not because I have to, but because I genuinely love doing this stuff.
Work Experience
Senior Software Engineer @ Bloomberg LP - New York, NY
Jul 2013 - Current
Self-Employed Trader / Software Engineer
Jul 2009 - Jun 2013
•  Created, a web app to visualize and manipulate Z.1 Flow of Funds, macroeconomic time series, and equities data. Tested/tweaked for desktop and mobile (iPad, iPhone, Android) browsers.
•  Coded various utilities for trading, analysis, and tax reporting (parsing statements, handling currency issues).
•  Profitably traded equities, futures, forex, commodities, and derivatives.
•  Used: Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, Bash scripting, MySQL, flot, Redis, nginx, uWSGI, PyLucene, qunit, unittest, httperf, Linux, Linode, Google App Engine, git, vim.
Product Manager @ troove Inc - Vancouver, BC / Mountain View, CA
Feb 2008 - May 2009
•  Worked with 2 founders and 4 developers to take 'troove Coin', a QuickBooks alternative (and more) web app from conception through several internal iterations.
•  Analyzed numerous products in this space for features, positioning, and marketing strategies.
•  Managed the priorities of product features.
•  Put on my developer's hat to write an automated QuickBooks exporter tool using: Java, Jawin, Win32 Api, JAXB, Apache CXF, QuickBooks Web Connector.
Software Engineer @ troove Inc - San Jose, CA
Sept 2005 - Apr 2007
•  Shipped 'troove Search', an innovative enterprise search appliance, as part of an 8-person startup.
•  Worked on all aspects: UI, searching, indexing, crawling databases, RDF/OWL models, appliance deployment.
•  Made key contributions to shipping beta appliances for Google's Moneta (billing advertisers), Caltech's Oracle Financials, and Altera's custom issue tracking SQL Server.
•  Customized Hibernate and Lucene (search query parsing, indexing, multi-threaded searches).
•  Performance tested and profiled using Grinder and YourKit, while introducing automated stress tests.
•  Also used: Java, Spring Framework, XSLT, XML, SAX, Protege, JavaScript, CSS, JUnit, Log4j, Ant, Subversion, continuous integration, Jetty, Eclipse, Linux, Oracle.
Software Consultant @ troove Inc / 24 Hour Fitness - Carlsbad, CA
** Oct 2006 - Feb 2007
**  Due to venture capital setbacks, I helped with self-funding while working nights on 'troove Search'.
•  Billed 627 hours consulting on-site at 24 Hour Fitness (traveled frequently between Carlsbad and San Jose).
•  Worked with a 30-person team on their membership agreements app, end-to-end (signature capture input, user interface, backend web services, database, profiling/performance testing).
•  Used: Java, Hibernate, Spring Framework, Flex, ActionScript, Oracle PL/SQL, Apache Axis, JasperReports, Maven, Subversion, Eclipse, Grinder, YourKit.
(Co-op) Software Engineer @ Nitobi - Vancouver, BC
Jan - May 2005
•  Developed and debugged cross-browser JavaScript components, leveraging client-side XSLT.
•  Worked closely with the marketing manager on sales and marketing.
(Co-op) Software Engineer @ Rogers Wireless - Vancouver, BC
Apr 2003 - May 2004
•  Developed a mapping and reporting app for gigabytes of GSM diagnostic data.
•  Solved an Automation bottleneck using MapPoint Add-in + .NET Remoting to perform drawing functions 6x faster than known (via Google) implementations.
•  Contributed key content to a successful proposal for $30,000 in microcell upgrades.
•  Used: C#, Windows Forms, .NET/COM Interop, MySQL, XML, MapPoint, MapInfo, Perl, C++, Win32 Api.
(Co-op) Software Engineer @ Kvaerner Chemetics - Vancouver, BC
Jan - Apr 2002
•  Developed Perl scripts to monitor their Millwide Information & Optimization System.
•  Designed and created a website for their product.
Simon Fraser University - Vancouver, BC
Class of 2005
•  3.83 GPA (4.00 = A). BSc Joint Major in Computer Science & Business Administration.
•  Summit Scholarship, AGF Financial Life Skills Scholarship, Dean's Honour Roll.
•  Secured $5,000+ in sponsorships from 6 sources for students to attend the Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference in Toronto. Interviewed/selected attendees and organized transportation/reservations/payments.
References Available Upon Request